You got me started
Just to end my beliefs
Love immersed and started
But you clung to beliefs
You were a constant end
I found myself in pieces
I did not care to mend
You mistook love had traces

You breaking me
Learning from
You abusing me
You took from me
You listened to hear
What you could use
From me
But it’s your man
That should teach you heart
I’ll save mine and depart

You’d like me to see you
From angles you see yourself
Some smiles are untrue
My angle of me is truly felt
You feel light through you
I’d stay if I felt you felt me
Your sight I cringe at
Through and through
Is nothing to sights
That created me

You breaking me
Learning from
You abusing me
You took from me…

I’ll never hate your heart
It’s simplicity is like art
You exist in your bright hues
Almost erasing my truths

I don’t care for
A perfect picture
I’ve suffered
Your utopian lectures
Brokenness is stronger
I won’t be a vision
Any longer

I began beside you
I longed to hide in you
You returned
To righteousness
I wanted to die
To feel blessed

But you began a death wish
Said your touch was a myth
You don’t know passion
For a man
Passion I felt is too puzzled
To understand
So I bury our vision
And leave you
To a robotic simpleton.