Photo Journal (December 2017)


“Painted Me As Hateful”

I was inspirational
Then reflections
became too hard
And you thought me

Pursuit of me
held enough worth
But I revealed
some darkness
Truth was too much hurt

You once smiled
As you lurked
Watching me
Was motivational
I highlighted things
With too much hurt
Your mind painted me
As hateful

My time
has been shortened
To be always put
in a poor light
I still have life
before crucifixion

I have faith deeply
I don’t have to drown
in anger
I can still
be touched gently

You used to smile
As you lurked
Watching me
Was motivational
But things I highlighted
Began to hurt
Your mind painted me
As hateful

Your failure to differ
Between your perception
And truth
Became my detour
As I refused to be
Defined by you

You can think
I entail hatred
I feel you sense a world
That harbors hate

There’s peace I pray
Your heart eventually fences
And whatever
you perceive of me
Forgiveness soars you
beyond Heavens gates

You smiled
as you lurked
I was motivational
Till I highlighted with
Too much hurt
Your mind painted me
As hateful.

“God Took Times I Was Pinned”

A useless cocoon was shed
With memories
of tyrannical suburbs
Where farewells went often unsaid

But evolution
is never too far
From my heart
to be heard

I mustered the strength
To land somewhere unseen
I flutter the streets
Strange eyes meet mine halfway

God took times
I was pinned down
And had them all redeemed

My safety has just been tested
But I awoke like I fell asleep
On a city park bench

City birds chirp
with a reminder more belted
Love only accuses me of hatred
When it’s wings are drenched

But I mustered the strength
And landed someplace unseen
To flutter the streets
And meet strange eyes halfway

God takes each time
I’m pinned down
And has each one redeemed

Detriments are detours
To only reaffirm
My purpose in my wellness
I’ve earned

Only to God shall I submit to
Only to Him I’ll minimize
my spirit for

The rest of my life exists
Because I will it to
Anything without any faith in me
Is never worth fighting for

As God takes times
I’m pinned down
And has them redeemed.