Candlelight To Your Knife

“Candlelight To Your Knife”
You ought to know

Little boys need

To be heard
You ought to know

How to attach meaning

To my words
When you walked away

I’ve walked by the rules

Of your life
There were times

I couldn’t stay

Then I remembered 

My voice has life
I won’t follow your walk

Orchestrating the notes

Of my life
People listen when I talk

I just take candlelight

To your knife
You used to feel

I was a boy that could teach

About the seven seas
But we weren’t real

anyone you would seek

could set you free
You diminished 

my greatness

I stopped being

Your vitality 
I resigned to asylums

Feeling lifeless

Till I saw you’ve never

Felt intensity
When I saw I meant less

I felt meaningless

To humanity
You ran away to regress

A candle melted 

Your weaponry
We were manboys

Fallen in the same joy

But the man in me

Sees you’re more a boy

A boy who can’t 

Be in love

Blue skies are all

You daydream of
And the man in you

Can’t feel when he kills

What a boy dreams of
I lived to be in your hands

Your hands nearly hurt me

One more hurt 

you can’t understand 

Again happiness

Felt unworthy
I want to live

By your vision

Though you flood

My way to visualize 

I could not speak 

On the damage within

But you want a smile

As you’ve emptied 

your eyes