“Thin In Heroism”

I’ve laid their heads
On my weary heart
Forgetful of their hurricane
They just slip from
In their ancient cloud

Spring is misled
Like giving light
To be split apart

Left unfulfilled
Worsening the pain
They find comfort
in blaming me
For deep rooted clouds

A little boy inside
Felt struck again
But I’m a man
who can rise
From a storm
To wash me away
with them

I’m not the kind
To live in fear
Of living in authenticity
I’ve lost too many years
Not living for me
Always living heroically

When I’m not loved in return
Nor embraced for all
I was born to be
Even looking at God
Looking back at me burnt
He’s left me wondering
Why they’re always right
About their own needs

A little boy inside
Feels struck again
But the man I am can rise
With storms threatening
To flood me
with them

Attack me
Blame me
Resent me
You chose how you feel

When I’ve inspired you
When I’ve saved
loved one’s days
I spread myself thin
in heroism

I can only save myself
From how all I feel
From feeling
I am drowning
For yet one more
helpless soul

Because I can rise
When storms threaten
To flood me with them.


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