“Run Away From Me”

I know you better
You knew my crazy fast
You felt brighter
Shooting stars never last

Shining upon you was climatic
Till you discovered
I am an everyday lunatic

You have reasons
to feel loved by me
You learned reasons
I’m unloved
That make you run away
from me

You’re excused to break
Promises implied
in blissful kisses
You’re entitled to forsake
My soul fragmented in pieces

You’re ill equipped for the sick
Minds are not rubber
My mind is the hardest
to predict

You had reason
to feel loved by me
To know why I’m unloved
To run away
from me

Pills only control me
They can’t cure me
They can’t render me loveable
Beyond the judgmental

But they’ve made good calls
Loving me only to nearly fall
I’ll cling to my four walls
And will not further
my crazed downfall

They’ve felt they loved me
But there are reasons
I’m unloved
Reasons why
everyone runs away from me.


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