“Blue Goddess”

I was blind
When you built my life
And said you’d always care

You had tired your care
On those who had
already been there.

When my mind
Came with demonic duality
It was easy for you to accuse me
And say I don’t care
When I merely prayed
You’d see how life is unfair
And prayed you’d return
To once again always be there

I’ll be there for those I care for
Like you were there for me before
But I won’t beg you anymore
If you forget who you cared for

You can’t feel
The pain I cry for
When I chose to embody
The purpose you asked me
to live for
And how I learned to know
What I stand for

Pain is real
When words run away from you
And you can just be
Roaming with scars existent
Before I was true
Before you were my goddess,
You were blue

I’ll be there
For those I care for
Like you were there
Times before
But I won’t burden you
Fruitlessly anymore
If you forget
Who you cared for

Your notion of strength
Is too divert from frailty
I’m shameless
About vulnerability
I’m always to blame
For unveiling to you
Weak truth
But my truth
Is no longer
you have to recoup
Or regard
if you don’t choose.


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