Family I Trusted My Existence In

“Family I Trusted My Existence In”
Carried all the shame

When I didn’t ask

To be possessed

They treated my heart

Like it’s always faint

Compared to theirs

My suffering is always less
Still I felt 

I could have protected

The girl that salvaged 

my youth

I could have somehow kept 

my mother

By remaining good enough

For her to choose
Now I know 

I never broke a soul

It’s their choice to run away

And never learn

How to love me

As I regretted

Scaring them away
I never broke

When letting go

They’ll never understand

All I can do is 

look for peace

In my empty hands
I’m not to blame

For madness 

they never learned 

to withstand

Empathy is an art

I was stoned 

for going insane

By my family I trusted 

My existence in

All I can do is understand 
I could have been 

a doormat

When the love of my life

Was always vowed

He did not fully see

He gave me 

my last family

I tried to not allow
I can’t break a soul

They choose 

to fly away

Not stay 

and hold me

I regretted 

scaring them away
I never broke

When forced to let go

They’ll never understand

I can search for peace

In my empty hands….
Nothing is eternal

Not even what’s maternal

I can uncover substitutes

With our passion 

continually skewed
But in my lifetime

Strangers should read 

caution signs

But next time 

I have to let go

I don’t have to distrust life

Because of 

a path they chose
I don’t break souls

They choose to run away

Never learning how to love me

I don’t need to live

Regretting I chased 

the world away
I never broke

In letting go

They’ll never understand 

But I can look for peace

In my empty hands.


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