“Numb Flesh”

For Eric Baker

Crumbling without you
Corrupted beside you
You always knew what to say
Tearful for your touch
that has come to fade

I can’t remember
how you feel
My purpose
Easy to steal

Numbness of your flesh
can’t save me
There was life
your touch gave me

You painted my skies
A snowflake melted
before my eyes

You offered belonging
I’ve never had
Then couldn’t grasp
I’ve always been mad

Can you remember how I feel?
Was our purpose ever real?
Your numb flesh can’t save me
Your touch was life you gave me

I know I’m a man now
Still I long for my fire alarm
To be heard

Can’t you somehow
Feel how you once
took pride in touch
As a lovebird?

Grieving all I belonged to
You can’t fathom
being anonymous

Can you note you never
followed through
Nesting me with what
Made you appear
to be virtuous?

When you can’t remember
how love feels
Motioning in life seems unreal

Your flesh numbed
You’ll never again salvage me
I bawl for life
your flesh gave me.


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