“Black Sheep”

When you’re too small
To fight in your sleep
You’re always falling
The chain is never too deep

Visions carried
In the way you reach
You’re mistold to bury
What should be ablaze
With all they preach

If you birth your nightmares
And let them touch the air
They will be exorcized
Trauma won’t be
your black sheep
Trapped inside

Don’t you deserve love?
A heart more than a cherubs
You’re not yet hovering above
Not when you’re walking
In their dirty blood

They loved my love
I was just their prize
A chicken soup’s slut
Till my past rematerialized

But I birth my nightmares
They’re floating into air
They’re exorcized
My trauma won’t be
The black sheep
Eternally inside

I was tucked in bed
Faded in a defining bed
That always led me
To love I brought to me

But even in peaceful rhyme
I return to those past crimes
Lay across to dream once more
Of love I’m willing to fight for

As I birth nightmares
Dispersing in air
Being exorcised
Trauma someday won’t be
The black sheep
Lost inside.


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