“Sensitive Souls”

Inspired by Martha A.

I surround you
With thousands
as sensitive as me
We’re everywhere you tread
Though you’ve never reached into me

To know how it hurts
To watch all of you
Make us passerby
That we never cease to search
For how to never allow
Your stones to never let us fly

You feel you’re in the right
I feel I drew the line
As clear as my day
And my night

I’m allowed to always feel
This way
If you’re virtuous
as you say
Then you’re for the Lord
to save

When I’m around you
There was logic behind fear

I can’t say if we
truly knew love
To know love is dead
But I knew you far more
Than you ever touched
Upon me

How much I’ve hurt inside
To let sensitive souls
pass me by
And not keep my vow
to their lives
Too angelic to me
To just abandon them
Like you did me,
high and dry

You’re feeling in the right
I finally wouldn’t wave back
On one anonymous night
I’ve already read your
street signs

As I’m allowed to still feel
This way
If you possess the virtues
You claim
Then you don’t need me
To be forgiven
And be saved

When my heart’s amplified
A process is a deeper deluge
To wade
But you think
my heart loses sight
When your sensitivity
Was what was fast
to go blind
And fade

I felt quite naturally
When you acted
rather forwardly
Promising so passionately
Then turned our experience
Into an oversight
A mere delicacy

You can be in the right
I surround you,
your subconscious mind
Owning your new direction,
So tight

I feel differently day by day
I’ve forgiven all my own rage
Your only for God to save.


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