Lifted (for church boys)

“Lifted (For church boys)”
Where soarers perch

Worlds apart from church

Churches serve as drugs

For seeking thugs 
Swapping emotional lives

Hushing their wives

I was under the floor

God saved me to soar
It amazes you 

How I’m lifted 

Your years don’t precede you

Traditional wisdom 

Has been shifted
In my youth

I can still be light

Chapels are weightless

Compared to you 

Manboys are wise enough

To pray and hold on

In moonlight 
I once compromised

Myself for the detrimental

For toxins in disguise 

I was just sentimental
I’ve built value

Upon my mortality

In jeopardy 
When I see truth

I will not await

For who fails to see 
I entranced you

I was grounded

Gods purpose escapes you

Church walls simply resounded
I heard you

I stayed at peace

I lift you

From this Heavenly day

I seize
I don’t blame your itch

Like that of an addict

Or a complacent man irked

Vowed to the church

Secretly running away

With me….
Summer heat is a bitch

Reputation as self medication

Is a risk

But I was just a mistress

In his adultery

Yet I shed light

On the whole family

As they all ran away

From me
‘Cause they’re amazed 

How I’m lifted

His years never preceded

Our haze

But his wisdom was shifted
And in my youth

I am quite light

Chapels and I weigh

Less compared to you

Manboys are smarter

And pray to hold on


In moonlight.


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