Unlike Ariel

“Unlike Ariel”
Some were homeless

Some owned castles

They were all boys

Trying to love like men

So they wouldn’t have to 


Falling in love

As an endless maze

In a dungeon 

And never learn to breathe

Through emotion

That could calm oceans
Unlike Ariel 

When I could not speak 

I never signed away my voice

And gave in so weak
No tranquilizer

No cage

Not even my Prince 

Will know how 

God and I speak
There’s a time and place

To fight for my right to joy

Joy for eternal boys
Time of day escapes my face 

When I’ve yielded another

My authority over my joy
Reaching above

Through this haze

Beyond the dungeon

I was almost smothered 

By emotions

But then I remembered

Someone always

Calms the oceans
And unlike Ariel

When I could not speak

I never signed away my voice

Nor gave in so weak
Tranquilizers, cages

And pretty princes

Will never hear how

God and I speak
A voice within 

Softly lulls me

It gives me the patience

To allow God

To take care of me
When I can speak again

I will be able to say

Lyrical strength was returned

to my voice someday
Most unlike Ariel

When I can’t speak

I don’t lose my voice

I never give in so weak
The tranquilizer

The bestilling hold

And my mesmerizing prince 

Are all forgiven

As God and I speak.


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