“Heart Fuller Than City Lights”

Some are solid
As high towers
Sometimes languid
I wake to man’s godly powers

God was not imposed
My passion never discouraged
I don’t have to love a rose
Or believe it’s romantic myths

I discovered more
Than true love
More than I survived
I discovered I am more
Than a handful
They can’t hold up
I am more than heart
Full of city lights

I can’t always sit still
With myself
But I don’t abandon my life

I’m as bright
As gutters I’ve felt
I see this town
After reincarnating

You could smile
When you wouldn’t face me
Loyalty involves burdens
Of sadness

The stranded I befriend
Overtake me
Feeling unloved is the root
Of our illness

But it’s more
Than just love
More than surviving
What meets the eye
I’m more than the handful
You could not hold up
I’m more than a heart
Full of city lights

I may even be more
Than you will remember
All at once
I can be more,
I can be less
You knew one
who knows himself
You knew him once

I’ve felt more than love
I’ve been through more
Than what I’ve survived
I know I’m more
Than just a handful
You’ll never again hold
I know my heart
Is fuller than city lights.


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