“Your Boy Sees A Boy”

Sheer joy could be
In my language
If I too lived in disbelief
Of the dominoes

A child can forget
He needs bandage
This world is grand enough
To bleed everywhere
And still glow

Your boy sees a boy
So happy
As you can’t grow
Or speak honestly

I may not be a boy
Who learned to be happy
But my lotus is free
To grow
Even as skies fool me

Your smile swept me
Head over heels
But you said my heart
Was the deepest

It’s my love that makes
My joy easy to steal
But your stunted insight
Gave me perspective
Like crying atop Everest

You can make a boy
So happy
But you won’t grow
Bubbles disregard casualty

I was not a boy
Who could be happy
But I could always grow
Define myself honestly

I could brave the motions
Fathom empty blood circulated
Like promises
of shallow oceans
The kindness
I only hallucinated

As you tried to be
My flower
Whose stem never bent
For my darkness
But you don’t have ears
For the sour
Cold mansions are sweeter
Than any wilderness

So a wing keeps a boy
Tucked in so happy
Now he never has to grow
Or speak vulnerably

I am still not a boy
Who can be happy
A flight could mean joy
But you could not kill me.


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