“Project Me”

I emerged a man
Still needing a magic carpet
No man needs to land
If he’s an overthinking poet

In your hold
A good mission
But frigid cold
When you clip angels
In your Heaven

Blurred the lines
Felt your heart beat with mine
You were sublime
But just in my fragile mind

I land
When you remove your hand
You spoke from intuition
When you cried
I’m the strong one

You amount to nothing
When my weight makes
You strong
You’re not loving
I was a page to pen
an entry on

In your hold
You thought you were Mother
Mother’s grow old
Like passion in some lovers

I see clear lines
Your heart lurks lifetimes
Away from me
It’s most unkind
When your hands do
What you don’t mean in mind

But I land
With no one’s hands
You had such intuition
I’m truly the strong one

My overgrown youth
My independent truth
Multicolored faith
Overpopulated days
Likeminded crushes
Unspoken wishes
My self adorned home
My vision I hone
Civilization I erect
I am
My own project

Drawing the lines
Of how deep your heart
Echoes in mine
There were all the signs
Of how even your best
Would be unkind

But as I land
On my own two hands
I recall your intuition
I’m truly the strong one.


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