“Fantasies Burn”

Standing apart
From the rest
Dreams can seem
To be more than tests
Passion can be fits
But so sweetly

Even as matches
Light each thought
And I wake stronger
My dry eyes
Outshine characters
That once had me caught

Fantasies burn
Like ropes with gas
But pretenders are worn
Reality breaks glass
Recollections have dementia
Fantasies are episodes
With euphoria

I reached for you
Now I reach for higher truth

I longed to be special too
That was one of your lies
I’m ordinarily present like you
I’m working on the nightmare
I am in your eyes

Life is kinder
Without blinders
I mourn you
But you’re not real
You were eventually
Going to waver
And your hands were only
Ghostly air I could feel

Fantasy like ropeburn
Can choke and blemish
A pretender I was not born
Reality has authentic relish

I’ve loved enough to know
I don’t know his face
Till he is long gone
I’m awake enough to know
Fantasy makes it harder
To carry on

I reached for you
But you’re not part of truth

You tried to give me holidays
But the gifts came
When you died
I inhaled the truth with grace
And I learned you’re weightless
In this life

So if you have a dream
Know the hands
You’re holding
So life and vision can not seem
Too blinding
And you’re not
Always falling

Fantasies burn
Like passionate boys
But vision takes a turn
Reality sees for you such joy

I reached for you
You were faded by
My truth.


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