“Life After Loss”

Much keeps you up at night
Like each hypocritical sight
Sights are set on kindness
On love without bruises
Disenchantment takes you back
To a haunting past

We’re living life after loss
Always forgiving
A past that cannot last
Forgiving what’s struggling
In dying

Many want to box you
When they never cared for you
You invest in so much care
Till the hold gets unfair
Though it no longer cradles you
Disenchantment coddles you

We planned life after loss
We always run away
From life refusing burial
How harshly life sways

Much wakes you at night
Like insensitive sights
Sights set on peace of mind
Streets away from the unkind
Carried and made to fall
Falling behind every wall

Living life after loss
There’s more than you can forgive
A past grander than its cost
Like heart you can’t afford to give.


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