“First To Fly, First To Cry”

I’m sad to discover
I’m just as her
She fails in love
It’s what she fears most of

Always screaming
Unwilling to compromise
Our dreaming
We faced mortality early
We freed ourselves frenzied

The first to fly
Are first to cry
They’ll be alone
And won’t be stoned
They’re laughing
And dying
Heavy with misery
They fly so freely

If I’m too much
I still need touch
I love like a child
You won’t forget the wild

Passion streams
Love drowns
We scream
Searching for
Showers of youth
And some joyous truth

We’re first to fly
The first to cry
We’ll die alone
Before we’re stoned
We’re laughing
We’re suffering
Heavy with misery
Flying fiercely

We cannot grow
In a man’s hold
We cannot suppress
Fumes we must express

You cannot sink
Spirit in what you think
If life is cremation
Life will be our creation

We will fly
As we cry
We are alone
Never stoned
We’re laughing
We’re dying
We’re miserable
And fly like angels.


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