They’re spiritual

Moments I’d run

To share with you first

Appreciation for my happiness

No longer has thirst
I wanted to show you

My fresh vision

I wanted to tell you

My new voice within
But to be free

Is to be alive again

And bear my triumphs

No matter how forgotten
All that matters

Is what you’ve found

Beyond our inflictions
But would you lose it after

If you smiled at me arise

From our ruin?
I wanted to feel you

Bask in my glory

I wanted to see you

Touched by my story
When you’re free

Alive again

Your triumph will never

Be forgotten…
Monarchs spread

Trembling wings

But it’s still 

A strange world out there
I once treasured in you


To be free

Is to be treasured



Strange Face

I was dwelling
In my endless tunnel

Like the storming

You deluged 

In my soul
Each day laying

Too restless to feel whole

I began learning

To turn mist into wool
The strange face of peace

Is no masquerade from

My past

Lord, let me sit still 

With this peace

When faces I memorize

Change too fast
The well was full

From inside

From looking in

At a crossroads

I can read signs within
You took a toll

But the rain put out the fire

Within my soul

I feel the seed of faith

I’ve always admired
This strange face of peace

Is erasing masquerades

Of my past

I will try sitting still

With this peace

When faces I memorize

Change so fast.

Rainbow Named L.A.

A boy wrapped himself

In a cotton rainbow

Warmed by love

He’s always felt

Despite unavailable joy
On a street of Spring

My bay window reminds me

Of my fall

Protest signs fight for everything

Poetic justice flows within

My historical walls
I told her you were here

Only when she went away

She begged me

To live for her

When she was nowhere near

You were a pretty reason

For a new day

Now she sleeps without fear

As I live for a rainbow

Named L.A.
No one has to be available

Or write me a sign

Pretty men can be incredible

Eyes to meet may be

Nowhere to find
I came full circle,

back to the suburb 

So a Chaplain could ask me

How I’m related to God?
And I think He kills me

So I can finally detour

He only mutes my mind

When He confiscates everything I’ve sought
Mama knows you were here

Only when she flew away

After she begged me

To live for her

Without her anywhere near
You were just a pretty reason

For the next day

Tonight she sleeps without fear

And I’m living for 

A rainbow named L.A.

“Heart Fuller Than City Lights”

Some are solid
As high towers
Sometimes languid
I wake to man’s godly powers

God was not imposed
My passion never discouraged
I don’t have to love a rose
Or believe it’s romantic myths

I discovered more
Than true love
More than I survived
I discovered I am more
Than a handful
They can’t hold up
I am more than heart
Full of city lights

I can’t always sit still
With myself
But I don’t abandon my life

I’m as bright
As gutters I’ve felt
I see this town
After reincarnating

You could smile
When you wouldn’t face me
Loyalty involves burdens
Of sadness

The stranded I befriend
Overtake me
Feeling unloved is the root
Of our illness

But it’s more
Than just love
More than surviving
What meets the eye
I’m more than the handful
You could not hold up
I’m more than a heart
Full of city lights

I may even be more
Than you will remember
All at once
I can be more,
I can be less
You knew one
who knows himself
You knew him once

I’ve felt more than love
I’ve been through more
Than what I’ve survived
I know I’m more
Than just a handful
You’ll never again hold
I know my heart
Is fuller than city lights.

“Your Boy Sees A Boy”

Sheer joy could be
In my language
If I too lived in disbelief
Of the dominoes

A child can forget
He needs bandage
This world is grand enough
To bleed everywhere
And still glow

Your boy sees a boy
So happy
As you can’t grow
Or speak honestly

I may not be a boy
Who learned to be happy
But my lotus is free
To grow
Even as skies fool me

Your smile swept me
Head over heels
But you said my heart
Was the deepest

It’s my love that makes
My joy easy to steal
But your stunted insight
Gave me perspective
Like crying atop Everest

You can make a boy
So happy
But you won’t grow
Bubbles disregard casualty

I was not a boy
Who could be happy
But I could always grow
Define myself honestly

I could brave the motions
Fathom empty blood circulated
Like promises
of shallow oceans
The kindness
I only hallucinated

As you tried to be
My flower
Whose stem never bent
For my darkness
But you don’t have ears
For the sour
Cold mansions are sweeter
Than any wilderness

So a wing keeps a boy
Tucked in so happy
Now he never has to grow
Or speak vulnerably

I am still not a boy
Who can be happy
A flight could mean joy
But you could not kill me.

“How To Love Me”

I might have been loved
If he were not broken into
Kind voices might be
Easy to trust
If my dreams were kindly
Spoken to

I might fall
For what hearts say
If he did not bury himself
So easily
Forgiveness is worth
My tears
As I pray

But what can I feel
When he could not feel
For me?

But I have it in me to love
Love is faith in someday
Love keeps me
In the light of God
Clouds hover over
How to love me
I believe
They will clear someday

They ran to my rescue
Only flying to save
Their own sanity
I was convinced
My mind was true
But still surprised
Love notes failed me

I was left free
To make my own religion
But it’s time to draw lines
When you could shake me
With your indecision
And I revered you
As you were raping my mind

But I’ll find it in in me to love
Love is faith in someday
Love preserves the light of God
Clouds hover over
how to love me
I believe
They’ll clear away

Love that boy
If he loses his mind
Hold him close
When passion makes him

My heart is more anxious
But it brought yours
Back to life
You sleep soundly
As I’m sometimes restless
Desperate to make sense
Of your emptiness inside

I could feel loved
If you were not broken into
Your voice was too easy
To trust
But you can’t love
And I overtly used to

We’re all born to love
Show him
How to love someday
You wouldn’t leave him
In the light of God
As clouds hung over
How to ever love me
Nobody knew
how to love me