“Without Heaven”

In circles I find you
When I fall again
God designed you
At the core of him

I’m special once more
Like brisk dawns
Before tortured noons
For a second I soar
Before love dies too soon

You were here again
When I saw him
He put down his mask
And you went back

Skies are not blue
Till you open them
God is finally true
When there’s love to send

The sun of his heart
Don’t say I’ll get burned
I’ve learned from the start
You’re never again
For me to earn

You land here again
As he walks up to me
Your disease sets in
He grows sick of me

You’re so happy
You’re so cured
When he touches me
And feels so pure

But we all suffer
We’ll all break down
We’ll never be younger
Each other’s sound

It can’t be you again
I mistook him
He fooled each sense
Without Heaven
He’s so dense.


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