“Fears of Backbones”

I gave you
Joy to feel
You can’t make
Peace as real
I made evolution
So simple
I’ll never be
Head over heels

When tears nearly
Drowned you
I chased to ring
Your freedom true

I had the lines
I found your truth
I calmed your mind
Recaptured your youth

You said my embrace
Was a twister to engage

I suffered as well
Still scattered about
Childhood Hell
Not fully equipped
For the well of kindness
To take a quenched sip

Empathy never before
Slipped inside your eyes
I ran to be the umbrella
Of your sights

Only I find
How you can live
With missing mind
God to forgive

You say my hold
Is too strong and cold

I narrated in your ear
My life no one would hear
Now I can hear your fears
Of backbones like spears

You could land close
And I’d wake you
You on your toes
With stand I make you

You walk away from me
Say I’ve too much audacity.


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