“Cast My Own Spell”

Elixirs are worlds distant
My hungry stomach tightens
I asked my worlds to vanish
There was no love to relish
I’d waken feeling inspired
New life was an aimless liar

I lament long windedly
Till I’ve let go softly

If I reach for my past
I can’t wish myself well
Human hearts outlast
Life lost to dry spells

You can waltz
Back through my life
Would you kiss me
Through your demise?
It’s easy to be void
Of all reason
Why I buried in the Earth
All their seasons

You resemble another toxin
Who overwhelms me too
With toxic love within

I laboriously collect
Long winded words
Like voice chased by birds
Crooning hurt

I cling to my past
And won’t wish myself well
Reason is easy to outlast
I’ve lost my life to dry spells

We’d board carousels
During our neediest time
I deeply fell
Your future made it
A crime

You left the carnival
Tearful clowns ignored
I deeply fell
I leave you what I wore

I have no words at your gate
Only what I can’t take
Like love you helped make

And they bought my past
I’m free to wish myself well
There’s reason I’m an outcast
So I can cast my own spell.


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