“Beyond Suffering Galaxy”

I close my eyes
One more solitary night
They’re clarified
Of the ghost
Of your sight
Of all the lies
Of any salvaging might
Your cutting disguise
Lifts as I’m left with fright

I felt saved for a second
Fairytales have book ends
I was merely confined
To love that held me blind
My life that felt so saved
Was only a road devils paved

Your haunting eyes
Made our future look bright
But I realized
You never streaked twilight
And each sunrise
Was never secured tight
As I arise
God gives me
The most secure light

I was never saved by you
You never brightened
My blues
I was only confined
To your limited time
The only spirit that saves me
Transcends your
Suffering galaxy

Superheroes with egos
Only collect zero
As rain still pours
You never score

I prayed so hard
Still lost all my heart
But I was saved
By divine way

My open eyes
On this solitary night
Are so clarified
Of ghosts of your sight

Oh, how you lied
Of any salvaging might
Your breaking disguise
Lifted and left me
With such fright
But a spirit saved me
Beyond your suffering galaxy.


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