You claimed such love
Because I was so loveless
You gave me a nice home
When I was so motherless

But if I loved you
There was still emptiness
If I wanted you home
Our nest was
Always pointless

I couldn’t say
When you’d stay
It was never you
To my rescue

You were the only one
Who had the sun
You dried me empty
And would never revolve
Around me

Quite the dominator
I waited patiently
Your misunderstood control
Served as structure for me

I quivered for my set time
Then I ached for more of you
I hungered for your gaze
To utter what was true

I couldn’t decide
To have you at night
I could never lay
Beneath your flesh glazed
Only you were him
Taking us out on whims
You wouldn’t be empty
With your whole life
Together with me

Inside your playroom
I’d submit to be your prize
Laying beneath the moon
Your lust would be undisguised

I’m supposed to comprehend
Our playtime must have to end
If I didn’t take so kindly
To your control
Your whips and chains
Might take their toll

As I couldn’t say
When you’d stay
I howled for you
To never be rescued

When your heat was done
He’d always be your Sun
You master your destiny
And you once mastered me.


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