Where Love Led Me To

“Where Love Led Me To”

It’s easier
To stay in love
It’s easier
To stay a victim

Nothing has to be
Lit up
When a p arm
Can hide it’s grim

But being whole
Reignites my soul
Though love took its toll

All those pills
Would be easy to
Trip into
It’s easy to relapse
My will

Now I’m basking
In where love led me to

It was too easy
For you to save me
And too easy
To live the life
You gave me

I never worked
At being held
But now I can say
I saved myself

Doctors who don’t know me
Were easy to run to
They further victimized me
Now I’m basking in
Where love landed me

It’s better to have loved
And lost
Than to have never loved
At all

My freedom I dreamt of
Once lost
Became a life I conjured up
I can’t fall

I loved
Now I have this view
Of colorful faces
If I had not loved
With my inner most truths
I wouldn’t see God
In all these faces

It would have been easier
To die for you
But death was what I taught
You to shine through

When death is so easy
I took the shine I gave you
And learned you’ll never
Steal from me
I’m basking in
Where love led me to.


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