Butterflies Cry

Butterflies cry

When they can’t
say goodbye
They fly away
and are sly

They would have stayed
If a carbon copy
made my day
And you’d say what
I’m still desperate
for you to say

My heavy wings
Carry what you never said
Your kisses are unkissed
The end of things
Haunt my heart so unjust
A butterfly is cocooned
By your last kiss

You let me fly
Said it was so
I wouldn’t die
Maybe disappearing
Killed me inside?

I was happier in your arms
Skies had more charm
Often we fluttered as one
Away from harm

Unchristened wings
Left for me to lift alone
Flying without a kiss
Without bliss
Melancholy songs I’d sing
I see why the insane
are getting stoned
I am cocooned
By your last kiss

I preached
I could go it alone
Just like you
Wouldn’t leave your life
To sleep disowned

I appreciate
Loyalty you own
But do you know
How butterflies cry
When they land

Inspired wings
They can’t wrap around
What anybody says
Red flags don’t compare
To your kiss

You bulldoze roofs you bring
Tears weigh butterflies down
With the need to lay
Your butterfly cries
By your last kiss.


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