Throned Woman

I throned a woman

She housed men
They terrorized me
Her vicious cycle
Slipped into me

Now I need a man
But no man
Can fully understand
Till they’re in your soul
From day one
I’ve cried
To be made whole

I ran away
Forgave too many
Endless days
Are too much
To carry

I gave away
Life to your lessons
To your boys dismay
Love clouds wisdom

When this woman ran
I fell into a man
I know how he adored me
But much like you
He wouldn’t prioritize me

Now I need to stand
Still failing to understand
Why I’m not secure
In any soul
I’ve cried
From day one
To feel whole

So I ran away
When my empathy
Poured into strays
They remember me

I gave away
My life to your lessons
Upon your boy’s break
Loss clouds wisdom

Saddens me
Belonging to you
Belonging to him
Belonging to family
Was so sweet

My tears
Flood this new city
With nobody caring
With nobody knowing

Now I need you more
If you’d feel past the shore
I carry the seven seas
Within my soul
Days I drown
Your disregard
Makes you seem
So whole

Running away
Forgiving abandonment
Through endless days
I wade in disenchantment

I’ve given my life
To loving just like you
You judge what I feel inside
But my love
Can’t escape you.


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