You’re In My Words

“You’re In My Words”

I never chose
My insanity
Still I drove you away
You’re so sure
Of your clarity

But where does my emotion
Come from,
overwhelming me?

You felt such exhaustion
You needed a vacation
I couldn’t leave
The man you made me to be
Never outgrown from me

You’re in my words
I was a wing glued
To your bird

Now I built my own nest
You don’t see your temper
Can be freed from
Your chest

You fault me
For you not
Possessing serenity
But you own you
I own me
A past argues
With your clarity

Who took words and volume
And instilled them in me?

I was orphaned and lifeless
You gave my spirit a test
But I did all I could
To be a lucid person
Still you resent me
And have no pride
For my new season

You’re in my words
I was dependent on your bird
I built my own nest
Your temper keeps you
In your chest

I could ask you
Why did I turn out so wrong?
I could ask you
Where I learned to be this strong?

But you’ll never say
You’re anything like me
But I will say
Then why did you compose me?

You gave me my words
Once we were glued birds
I twigged my own nest
Your words are still bottled
Inside your chest.


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