Carry Yourself Through

Letting go

Of all you clung to
Is a dependent
Learning to say No
Growing wings
Secured by your own truth

When they held you
And left you lost and blue
Climb the winds
Towards a life anew
You can carry yourself through

Don’t be who you’re not
Born to be
There’s no flaw
in how you see
The one choice
Was to be unglued
You can carry yourself through

Love was not love
It was a blanket
Now you know to choose
Souls not so easy to lose
Courage for what
They’ve always wanted

They all held you
They were lost to their blue
But winds take you to life brand new
You can carry yourself through

You know who
You were born to be
It’s flawless what you see
You saw it was best
To be unglued
You carry yourself through

Pitifully they worried
If you’d rise above
But loss hurried
Like scurried love

You always knew more
Of yourself
They closed doors
But there was always
You always felt

Once upon a time
They held you
You can cure
Your own blues
Winds swirl within you
You carry yourself through

Your courage was born to be
Too bad they’re blind
To how you see
They never warned you
You’d be unglued
But you can carry yourself through.


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