No Hand To Hold

“No Hand To Hold”

Existence handed to me
By hands not my own
I landed in security
I had never truly flewn
Though I was worldly
My bubble was set in stone

But now there’s no hand
To hold
Souls were sold
But my soul held it’s own
Without any hand to hold
I’m setting my own stone

I mustered courage
To leave my comfort
There’s no luxury
In surrounding ghosts

Escaping to strange nurses
Was absurd
I needed to fly away
The most
I pondered how much
I am worth
To land where I’d pray
On a different rose

I was stripped of all I held
I learned how easy
A soul can sell
My despondent soul
Has grown
Without a hand to hold
I set my own stone

It took weighing
Why should I live?
I gave up praying
When they stole faith
I give

I took back my faith
May they relish
In all I gave
I gave myself
A new life
Holding only
Evolution inside

I almost refused to hold on
Without anyone to make me strong
I was strong enough to carry
All I own
Without a hand to hold
I carried my own carved stone.


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