Both out of place
No man can see
Beyond my face

It’s unheard of
What I refuse to intake
Expected to be
Part of the chase

Surely we’d differ
Contrasts steer you away
From being my lover

Wholly you’re part of me
But being born
On different days
Sways your disconnect
From me

We both cry within
Neither are purified from sin
We pen differed books
Of wisdom
We know different ways
Life sickens

Surely we’ve had our lovers
Fears steer you away
You’ve chalked it up
To We Differ

You’re immersed in me
We were burnt
Before we could meet
And it sways your disconnect
From me

I will never be you
But what I’ve learned so far
Makes Heaven feel so true
Like I have a reason
To be scarred

Will he come true?
He who can fully heal
Our hearts
There’s undeniable truth
Differed colors
Can compliment each other
And emerge from the dark

Surely we differ
Contrasts chase you away
From letting half of you
Be my other

You know me
How I stand differently
I sway your disconnect
From me.


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