I’ve Landed

“I’ve Landed”

I’ve landed
With little room to smile
No one handed me
A map for a sheltered child

But my open heart
Will guide me into souls
Suburbia is far
Broken hearts will take a toll

But I bring openness
To a shut down city
Shedding brokenness
May the fearful know
They can trust me

I’m without structure
But I transcend professionalism
Some hearts are with my signature
Making it over infinite prisms

My wings are prepared
To enwrap and warm broken souls
There’s life staying scared
Horrific histories will take a toll

They can’t scare away
My openness
I bestow upon
This bolted city
I shed brokenness
Reserve my spirituality
I hope this city realizes
It can trust me

You look down
Run from me
You can’t steal
My songs sound
From me

I’ve been floating
Desperate to understand pain
I took the sting
I know this city knows rain

But I come with openness
And smiles for this city
Worlds apart from brokenness
Elbowing individuality
May the heavy birds see
They can trust me.


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