Another Free Spirit

“Another Free Spirit”

Another free spirit
Wrapped around me
In my new bed
I’ve learned the trick
In being free
To life around me
Without losing my head

Maybe he’s scared
Maybe he can’t be trusted
Life can be so unfair
And I can let go
And still be uplifted

I have not lamented
Over yesterday
Tears were drained
And I ascended

I won’t compromise
My sweetness yesterday
Though I’ve been changed
Opening my dazzled eyes

I twigged a nest
I can say my life
Is my own

Many have stolen
From me
But I’m too strong
To let codependence
Leave my mind stoned

He might be gone
My image might have
been skewed
And no one has to know me
Loving myself
Is all that is true

I was enchanted
By yesterday
Tears rearranged me
As storybook’s dampened…

He may stay
He may go and be free
Ancient memories surround me
In my new bed in which I lay
Outside this new high rise window
Yesterday is too easy to see

But I have not lamented
Over dark tunnels
I carried myself through
How storms become ancient

I’ve thankfully realized
Who I was yesterday
Was led without a hand
To a place
That shall open my eyes.


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