Can’t Return Touch

“Can’t Return Touch”

You can’t return touch
I can’t burn too much
You’ve suddenly realized
What I’ve known in your eyes
Such fantasy is my history
That has brought delicious misery

I’ve ignited another spark,
But within you
You emerge saying
It feels so true
I’ve cried to you
Of past departures
In many ways
You’ve recaptured
My feelings I’d follow
To my death
And yet to rescue
My painful breath

Your sweetness, your kindness
Your sudden open heartedness
Inspires me
To risk one more lifetime
So long as you persist
You can avoid my kiss
Your embrace
And my heart
Mean to be sublime

When you might hide again
Your confessions shall echo
In the end
You don’t want to hurt me
Your boyishness shall
Always haunt me

I kiss you
Because you welcome me
You lifted, but it’s some me
You can ask
About sordid reality
I will answer you
With all my honesty

I’ll say
All there is to fear
Is life where love
Is nowhere near
As long you have me
To run to
I have love
You can safely fall into

Visions of yours
Your soul I adore
Your desire to soar
Inspires me to fly
To my next lifetime
While you make me smile
And let me hold you
For awhile
I’ll let you grow
As I flourish
Our hearts will write a rhyme

You need a cocoon
Before you spread your wings
I need a cocoon
To fold and rest my wings
My cocoon
Is your cocoon
We’ll fold into each other
Underneath the bustling city’s moon

Your sweetness, your kindness
Your sudden openheartedness
Inspires me to leap from road signs
And if you can’t stay always
I’ll kiss you
As you simply feel my truth
For a moment in time.


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