Undefined Roles

Your calling
Was when I was lamenting
And I needed codependency

You disinfected me
But we pretended
And we parted like seas

You had a choice
You spoke with my voice
Your role becomes undefined
Your mirror won’t shine

You can’t imagine
My self sufficiency within
You rescue a family
But you struck gold
When I reached for you

You were Mommy
You were Daddy
And so very godly

Miracles I see
Are that we’re not more crazy
From times so violently

You have a choice
But I own my voice
You ponder your role
Did weaving me together
make you whole?

You can’t imagine
Liberty is not sin
You salvage a real family
But you struck gold
When I sought you

I’m entitled to grow
After being held down as zero
My mind was tethered
I couldn’t be sick forever

I’ll never settle like you
But I feel too true
Monarchs can be aggressive
Suicidal boys can be
Eager to live

You were searching
I was lamenting
We found each other

You disinfected me
But couldn’t heal
Till I could see
You were floating away
At sea

You made your choice
Trembled my voice
I fear what I can’t read
I fear how easily I’d take heed

I never imagined
My voice within
You say I Love You
To your real family
But our souls were sold
When I asked
Do you love me?


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