In The Heat of Summer

​”In The Heat of Summer”

I could attribute
Misery so acute
To such callous hands
Too unsafe to land

Never carefree
Enough to let go
Too careless
For a centered glow
A mother angered
By childhood wars
Too many fathers lost
To their fractured scars

But in the heat of summer
Storms within keep you younger
When the years grow colder
Love is your endless hunger
Misery becomes your reason
To get yourself
Through Hell’s seasons

I could point fingers
At all my caregivers
And say whom I regret
Are the deepest bullets
Never healed
Enough to raise my head
I insecurely look
At gutters instead.

A mother mouthed
As she wished to
Every father seems
To be so untrue

You should not glue
Yourself to matriarchs
They speak disenchantment
Of falling, hypersensitive stars

Patriarchs misconstrue
Your effeminate resilience
Their treason abandonment
Is your life sentence

But in the heat of Summer
Raging storms keep you younger
As years grow colder
Love remains your hunger
Misery becomes the reason
To get through
Hell’s refreshing seasons

Its down to you
And only you alone
Dreams are few and few
But you have a home

Where your spirit is free
To fearlessly, richly roam
In the eyes of anyone godly
You’re finally safe at home

Mother, in the summer
Bruises you to keep you younger
Every year without a father
Love is your famine of hunger
But misery is your reason
To see yourself
Through emblazoned Hell’s seasons.


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