07 OCTOBER 2016, 11:41 AM
You don’t know me
Now that I’m unbroken
You won’t show me
How your words are unbroken

I’m able to soar
Beyond thoughts of you
I learned life isn’t for
Living in a dwelling of you

I look around me
Find life had nothing to do with you
The universe found me
Showed me the sun could never
Be you

I am your stranger
No longer in danger
Of your confused words
And misguided birds
You threw me away
I’m a stranger
On my way

The tide was high
The current was deadly
You’d avert your eyes
I stubbornly had a fantasy

Now reality tastes sweet
When I barely touched you
Earth could fold over my feet
Its Heaven compared to
Loving you

I look within me
The worst of you fading passed
Love though sinfully
Was precious as stained, fragile glass

You’re my stranger
You’re not in danger
Of my cutting edge
Or me slipping you by my ledge
And you got away
A stranger on his way

I swallowed my pride
When you refused my side
You wouldn’t fear
My not being near

I know you well
Your secret Hell
I pray you’re on your way
To more loving days

As a stranger
My concerns linger
We were in danger
Of digging knives further
So we got away
We’re strangers on our way


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