“Too Young To Teach”

Giving my best
Drained the life in me
I lived my each test
Strength you drained
Was first instilled in me

You were less
Till we met eyes
I gathered my tests
And saved you
From demise

I was too young
To teach you
You took advantage
Of me
Only to take me
For granted
And walk away
With my heart’s creed

My love
Is not to be trashed
I led you to feel
Hoping you’d stay
You can’t feel each ash
As you burnt your guru
In flames
And flew away

I can love
With love you’ve
Never felt
My love rose you above
A loveless road
That leads you
To a bottomless,
Despondent well

I was too young
To teach you
All you handed me
Did not teach me
What I already knew
I taught you
And you stripped me
Of my beliefs

I own sacred truths
You corrupted my youth
You taught me nothing
Except men are

I own fresh truths
A sad man
Replaced my youth
All you handed me
Has been replaced
Like innocence
By disenchantment
By a kind face

I was too young
To teach you
Giving of myself
Landed me
Life behind strange eyes
I never knew
A life that can ruin me.


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