“Givers And Takers”

You gave
A lusty smile
I acknowledged
Your beauty
You gave joy
To an abandoned child
I gave you back

You took my falling heart
You caught it
I wrote you
Zillions of songs of love
You built a home
For my spirit
I gave you feeling
You were short of

Givers, takers
Lost souls, fakers
Where’d you lie?
When you lied?

You gave
You took
I gave
I took
Our needs led us
To be forsook
As our tears dry
On a hook

We gave more
Than was okay
We take
We’re stripped of it all
Only we can catch
Our own falls

Is the least of our worries
Are blurred anyway
We look back
On past centuries
And wonder how
Prisoners get away

We’re givers, we’re takers
Vulnerable and the fakers
We played both roles
Both roles took our souls

I gave
You took
You gave
I took
We were forsook
We cry on a hook

All we gave
We needed to take
Now we’re depraved
The other can’t see
The other cries
So we forsake

The one
we wholeheartedly
Gave to
The one
We took from all we
Followed through

Left high and dry
Boundless lovers
Bestow boundless love
Till they have to fly…

Givers and takers
So vulnerable
Such a faker
We have to be forsakers
Now we’re both achers

I gave
You took
You gave
I took
Blurred in our book
As we cry
Still so hooked.


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