“Peace of Mind”

Crying together
Unifying all
We’ve weathered

Expressing my being
Catching words
As they’re purging

With altering skies
Thrusting myself
Into all sad eyes

My abyss of emotions
Believing angels
Hover over the oceans

I felt peace of mind
Was holding love
I had faith
Love remained kind

I’ve never been aligned
With God
Just questioned
Why I’m questioned
Why I was visualized
As so odd

I don’t believe
I’ll ever possess
Peace of mind

I can feel
Roots of my distress
It’s this world
so blind

Our eyes meander
Our souls stammer
There’s never full
Nor complete
Balanced motion

I thought if I died
You thought
If you’d confide

My demons would be left
To fiend
Your sins
Would be redeemed

But just when we can
We search for more
Willing to commit

Such conflicts
Take us on a new plane
We evolve momentarily
But we’re eternally insane

Joy is dead
In my vocabulary
I let peace leave
My weak mind

Universal alignment
Leaves my sensory
I’m forever blind

Kids get college degrees
They can afford luxuries
Lights of self medication
Opportunistic husbands

So the ones that truly love
Are better off up above
Till they’re aligned
With their grief
For peace lies in
Letting go of leaves

I’ll never innately
Feel peace in mind
I’ll always emotionally
Look at my world
As so blind.


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