Special One

You were
The special one
My radiant sun
Rendering darkness

I overlooked
I am special too
I forgot only I
Paint my skies blue
Only I
Make my dreams true

It’s about my heart
And what you
Failed to understand
You broke me apart
Only I knew the pain
I can withstand

It’s about worshiping
Revering you
Led to my fall
You can’t know
How I felt
You’re not a bird
Who knows my hearts call

I hold what I believed
You held
I was too much for you
When I fell
You don’t have strength
To hold my shell

I’m the one
With your evolution
I’m the one
With that sweet sensation
Only I
Can recognize Creation

It’s about my heart
You can’t understand
You shattered me apart
My heart was too much
For you to withstand…

It almost slipped
My mind
Into a gutter
Nobody can find
That I’m the reverent one
Only I ignite
My morning sun

Entering your mind
Is only a God you fear
Who can be
Rather unkind

And within my heart
I now fully understand
Whenever I break apart
God knows the pain
I withstand
I cling to my spirit dear
Revering you
Led to a bruised fall

I don’t care for
Pseudo heroes
Anywhere near
Be the butterfly
Disregarding my call.


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