“A Different Choice”

You were smacked
In your intuition
Your heart was slit
Where you’d listen

Your dreams came true
A family harmonic
Inside a castle

But you get blue
And question life
You chose to revel

Their words are so pretty
For the choice before me

If you’d listen
To your voice
You said you’d make
A different choice

When passion is dead
There’s no tumultuousness

Love lingers
Elsewhere instead
Explosive passion
Can be so luscious

How can you erase
Passion you codependently fed into

You forced an end
To the chase
But your eyes
Would glisten
If I looked at you

You’ve been stolen away
If I existed the prior day
If you heard
Your inner voice
You said there would
Have been
A different choice

You say it was only
Sheer vulnerability
But if God gives you
A love to stew

And a boy you dreamt of
You’d make a life
Your heart dreamt of
You’re just playing safe
I know I was not merely
A mistake

I led you to your heart
A childlike man keeps
Your mind and heart apart

My voice reminds you
Of your intuitive voice
And how you’d make me
Your choice.


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