How different I am
Has almost made me die
I take inner lives
And say they’re glorified

Different fruit in my stem
May never reach the sky
As emotions I carry
Have made many
Run and hide

I am forgotten
I’m too easy simple
To forget
There’s resentment
And much regret

I hold all of you inside
So brightly memorized

I’ve heard glory
All I say is Goodbye
Some hearts grasp me
Others leave me to die

Wandering disenchanted
After I’ve been perceived
As too queer
Floating so disappointed
I’m too frightening
To stay near

I am forgotten
All I give is never enough
I can’t be genuine
When my edges
Become rough

But all of them
Are treasured inside
Gratuitously memorized

Don’t tell me
You’ll always stay
Don’t promise me
I will feel loved

Reality is
You turned away
And promises
Stayed untouched
And I’m forgotten of

I don’t know
Where I end up
I don’t know
How I’ll be remembered
I ruminate on their touch
By pain I’m tethered

I don’t know
What to do inside
As all of them are
hauntingly memorized.


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