Illuminated True Colors

You’ve taught me
I’m undeserving of
Being loved
For who I am inside

You unraveled
Became a hard lesson
A season
Passing painfully inside

You’ve shown me
The true colors
Of those who appear
To be angels sent

Then they’re so demonic
And so impure
Your wings were winded
Then you became absent

You sought me
For all I’m made of
To never return love
But I should not
Have had expectations

You found me
But uncovering you
Falling into you
Lost me
In devastating confusion

You’ve illuminated
True colors
Of heavenly creatures
Allegedly sent

But you’ve abandoned me
Because you’re impure
I winded your wings
You were swiftly absent

There are still
There are still
Unanswered questions
You claim to have vanished for me
A supposedly
Selfless abandonment

If the others
Remained silent
If you listened
To your sad heart
You’d hear
You’re not in confinement
You’d hear me
Wherever you are

But I already know
Your true colors
You’re no angel sent
You’re self-absorbed
You’re impure
I hope you go far
With newly winded wings
How do you feel
When you’ve made me
Forever absent?


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