Strong Enough To Cry

Crying through
Open wounds
My tears are as bold
As the humid noon

Grieving shamelessly
Crying your name
Bold enough to allow
My tears be untame

Strong enough to cry
As parts of me won’t die
Tears bring mourning
To the light
Keeping me
from becoming ice

Strong enough to cry
My heart crie
to stay alive
Letting go but gaining
Through all of my crying

A man crawls
Into a bottle
Independent woman
Work not to wobble

In spite of what
Their expectations are
I cry to cleanse
My broken heart

Strong enough to cry
To see past love that died
Tears bring you to mind
I miss how you were
So kind

Strong enough to cry
Some men intrinsically die
I’m releasing
yet absorbing
Through all my crying

At times we’d cry
As one
Then our tears dried
In the sun
I cry as you live
Your dream
As all my tears gleam

I slaved away
To salvage us
Trying to be who
You can trust
Now I cry
Shamelessly in your name
To cleanse my heart
To keep it untamed

And I cry
Through open wounds
I cry tears
As bold as the noon
I grieve without shame
I cry out your name
I’m proud to say
My tears are always


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