I Can Live Now

Do you know?
You were worthy
Of my life?
You were why
My flesh was aglow

Do you comprehend?
You were all I’d breathe?
Our end made me
Wish for my end

But some healing
Of my spirit
Mending of my heart
Shows my mind
Has no limits
Upon a very broken start

I can live now
Released somehow
To present flow
Life’s meaning grows

I lived for you
I died for you
I taught freedom
To love I must
Free myself from

Love should never coincide
With a Mother’s worst nightmare of suicide
Just because you’re
Not backboned enough
To come to light

I live a meager life
But I chose it
To ease your knife
And now you’re the one
Casted aside

Light glistens
my tearful eyes
It wasn’t hard
To realize
I should never live
For a face
My memory
Cannot trace

I am living now
The crazed freed me
To a steadfast flow
Life’s meaning grows

Too many emergency rooms
You were in bed
Basking in the moon
The regiment of psychiatry
Is something sheltered boys
Will never see

You played both parents
But like my death wish,
you are incompetent
Creation has more allure
Than your face
Once upon a time,
you lured me out of Earthly space

But I live now
I’m free somehow
With steady flow
Life’s meaning grows
I lived for you
I died for you
But found freedom
From a circle
My death stemmed from.


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