When You Feel My Sadness

“When You Feel My Sadness”
Touched my heart 

In a past lifetime 

Changed my life forever

I felt you and I rhymed
You entered my soul

A soul too needy

You made my soul 

Feel beautifully whole

As I escaped the seedy
You regret your touch

Like boys regret high climbs

I’m changed eternally

I’m still your mistake

So unkind 
When you feel

My sadness

Can you change

My sad life?
You can’t bring me

Any happiness 

When you chose 

Another life to survive 
You know my frail touch

I prayed I wouldn’t spoil

But I am a labor of love

That becomes a no profit toil
I can feel you running

To hold me as tears overflow

Like any other vice

Rescuing me was easy

To outgrow
No longer your epicenter 

You say your mind 

Felt my crazed toll

Maybe you can understand

Why I camouflage myself

With the comical
When you feel I’m sad

Will you make me happy?

You won’t bless my spirit

To be miraculously glad

Will you make me 

Any less crazy?
I can Thank You

For sensing me so closely

Still you’re quite the brute

Only willing to sense me

I can feel you

You wish you were never

So vulnerably close

Despite blossomed truths

But maybe love should be 

More cloaked?
When you taste

My sadness

Can change my life?

Can you love with less

Of your caress?
I’m only so sad

So saddened,

And crestfallen

Because you touched

My broken life.


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