To Disturbia’s Glow

“To Disturbia’s Glow”
Believed in love

Felt empathy 

I was thought of

As an understudy 
Nobody was me

Fleeing for my life

As they took from me

I wanted to help 

The knife
Faith and love for man


The last thread has been

Cut by fallen angels
I no longer know love

I locked my compassion

It hurts to dream of

Humans possessing passion
He could have stayed

Man could have honesty

I still wake alone anyway 

No one breathes life

To me
Strange smiles are


They’re the worst to 

Mend from

When they’ve crept in
The answer

Is to sentence myself

To my fellow flowers

Rain can’t wash

Cracked worlds 

they’ve felt
The embrace I know

Bringing home and family

Is disturbia’s glow

Without judgment 

For my instability 

So I resign

To an asylum’s 

Honest mind
Love I had faith in

Has a substitute 

Of skewed visions

They see me

As no expectation 

Of society
We are dangling

With every thread burned

But we’re alive screaming.


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