Out of Place

“Out of Place”
I never belonged


I never belong

In any glare
I never belonged

In an unbroken home

I never belong

To something written

In stone
I have not found myself 

Where there is safety

My emotions have not felt

Controlled by me
I did not belong with you

Some hearts don’t belong 

To the truth

I landed in the worst place

I should have looked at

My face
I don’t belong beside you

Your luxuries add up

To space I can’t walk through 

I never belonged 

Inside your embrace 

I’m an outpouring 

Always out of place
I once had a home

Now I wake with those

Who roam 
We can’t fathom a blanket

Warms us 

Like we can’t forget
I should have kept sadness 

The well I can’t fall below

You eventually confessed

Some oceans stay shallow 
I didn’t belong with you

You’re only serendipity 

To he who eats from you

I never belonged

Inside your car

Regression is not

A road that goes far
I’ll never belong to you

That’s something 

You’ve toiled to prove 

I don’t belong 

In your grace

I’m irreverent,

Ever so out of place
I looked inside

I left my remnants 

I can only abide

By your wishes

From a distance
I’ve never belonged


I’m a passerby

To your crowded face
One more home shattered

I belong to our wrongs

So scattered 
I’ve found myself

Always unsafe

I’ve always felt

Joy I cannot create
I belong

To my heart

I belong

To my deepest parts

I belong

To an understanding

That you can’t imagine 

I belong

To the special 

I belong

To those this world

Wishes were not real

I belong

To each plagued face

Where you only presume

You’re out of place.


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