Mind Split

“Mind Split”

For Eric from the asylum 
Open land 

can’t be simply open land

Bars enclosing me

Can’t be just bars

Where I hang my hands
Ailments can’t be

Ailments with panaceas

But symptoms can be 

Too much hysteria
I waltzed in with a past

A little wiser

And teary eyed
Only dysfunction can last

You are stronger 

Than everything God tried 
You called your friend

When you estranged me 

Cocktails of pills don’t end

Bed bug ridden sheets 

Are hung like me
Friends would understand

How I can’t be alone

With my thoughts

Like you taking 

Your son’s hand

You give him

A chance for 

All he sought
Crying in wing 

With a past

More inclined to die

Where I should have remained
You’ve been an outcast

But a man handed you

A secured life

Where your sanity 

Is maintained
I was not ready

To say Farewell

But you always took control
Like a god

With the hand you dealt

That made me more than 

A lost soul
I now have a family

Like you do

You can’t grasp

Our distortions
Beyond our visions

We can’t be 

Other than true

Your son cannot be 

Offered all our elation
Your family is in my past

I know more independence

I know survival tactics
Unstable brilliance 

Has you and I outlasted

You disagree with my lens

But your smile

Has my mind split.


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